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Flexible Gold Trading Platform

Invest in our Argyle Coins and sell or top up your portfolio.

The Flexible Trading Portfolio (FTP) is the perfect introduction to investing in our Argyle Coins. It enables you to benefit from the growth potential with the flexibility to sell all or some of your portfolio – or top it up – whenever you want to. Throughout your investment period you’ll receive regular advice from your Investment Portfolio Manager. All practical matters are dealt with by us and we carry out all necessary transactions.

How it Works

Like all investments you make with us the first step is to discuss your options and objectives with one of our Investment Portfolio Managers. They will then suggest a portfolio that matches your objectives, attitudes to investment and how much you wish to invest. Please note that the minimum investment for the FTP is £10,000.

Once your portfolio is built you are free to sell to take advantage of market trends and re-invest if you choose. You will be guided by your Portfolio Manager at every stage and we will always dispose of your stock as profitably as we can for you. This is very much in our interest, as we share the profit with you.

Your Profit is Determined by How Long You Hold After You First Invest:
You can also add to your portfolio at any time to enhance your returns. We frequently have clients boosting their portfolio, for instance when a bond matures, a house sells or they realise capital from another area of their portfolio.

Every item carries our Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity – we insure, store and value your stock annually at no charge.