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The Opportunity for Investment in Diamond

With coloured diamonds becoming increasingly rare, and the Argyle mine due to close in 2020, the Argyle coin is a commodity that you will definitely not want to miss out on.

We are creating a limited range of Argyle Diamond Coins. Available in solid gold or silver, the Argyle Signature Coin celebrates both exclusivity and luxury. Handcrafted with the rarest Pink diamonds in the world – Argyle Diamonds, and set in our exclusive bespoke coin, you will be collecting a coin with strong investment and growth potential.

  • Projected returns of 10% – 20% Per Annum (subject to availability)
  • Coins combining gold and silver with rare Argyle diamonds
  • Investments free of income tax, capital gains and inheritance tax

Flexible Options For You:

Flexible Trading Portfolio (FTP)

The FTP Gives you the freedom to sell individual items (or your entire portfolio) or top up whenever you like. Minimum investment level £10,000

Capital Growth Plan (CGP) The classic hassle free buy and hold option: The CGP maximises your potential gains. You commit to a contract term of 3 – 5 years. Minimum investment level of £5,000