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Capital Investment Growth Plan – Why Add the Best Investment Coins to Your Portfolio

Giving you the chance to invest in a balanced portfolio of carefully selected prestige, investment-grade Argyle Coins, the Capital Growth Plan (CGP) is perfect for the investor with a long-term view.

If you’re looking to lock your money away without the hassle of any trading, the CGP could see your investment grow healthily.

We only charge a 5% commission on the value of the profit you earn on your original invested sum (not on your invested sum), and only on exit. You retain 95% of any profit on top of your original invested sum. You invest for five or ten years, making stronger returns more likely for the more far-sighted investor.

However, you are not tied in. After a minimum period of one year, you may sell your investment. After that at any time before the agreed term we can auction or market your items in return for a 50% share of profit on any sale.

How it works

The minimum investment is £5,000. There is no maximum and in fact we currently manage several seven-figure investments. You really don’t need to know anything about our coins to invest with us – we bring more EXPERIENCE in ’‘stock- picking’ expertise to bear when selecting your portfolio for:

• Rarity
• Condition / Quality
• Liquidity
• Growth potential
• Portfolio balance and diversification.

You’ll be allocated a dedicated Investment Portfolio Manager to ensure we understand your investment horizon and aims and can build the best portfolio structure for you; they will also be the key point of contact for you going forward.

After you have discussed what you wish to achieve with one of our Investment Portfolio Managers we suggest a portfolio based upon your objectives, attitudes to investment and how much you wish to invest. You then decide whether you wish to go ahead. We insure, value and store your stock at no charge.

At the end of the contract term we will actively market your investment portfolio to our clients at the full market value at that time. You will receive 95% of the profits. However, there is considerable flexibility.  Besides the mandated profit share of 95% you may continue to hold your investment, or choose to sell your items in other ways to Argyle Coins directly, to a private buyer or at auction, commission free. All these options are arranged by us at no charge.

This is the best rare coins to invest In – Why it makes sense

It is perfect if you just wish to invest and relax. We do all we can to maximise your return.

You do not need insider knowledge – we put our years of expertise to work for you. It is very much in our interest, as we share profits with you.

Because your Investment Portfolio Manager is constantly working on your behalf and gets your approval before making decisions, you are in control without being involved in the work.