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Argyle Coins Investment Brokers

Argyle Coins is a private brokerage specialising in the creation of Argyle Pink diamond collector coins. Aside from our unrivalled experience and faultless quality, what really distinguishes us from others is our range of services that are unavailable elsewhere on the market. In addition to our own Argyle Signature range, we can customise coins that are created in strict compliance to our clients requirements. Established as a coloured diamond specialist for many years and due to the opportunities we have seen and the demand globally, we have come up with the Argyle Coin.

The supply of diamonds coming from the Argyle mine is rapidly depleting. It is expected that the mine will close in 2020. There is a rapidly increasing global demand for the coveted Argyle Pink Diamond. This exponentially growing demand coupled with the ever-decreasing supply of Pink Argyles has presented us with an investment vehicle unlike any other. It is anticipated that Pink Argyle prices will increase Ten Fold by the time the mine ceases operation in 2020.

Our inspiration comes from having a genuine passion for rare beautiful stones and an ability to create stunning designs by using them as a focal point. We employ only the best designers and our in-house team of experts pay meticulous attention to every detail of their craft.

The company’s long-term vision is to build a large global network of loyal and honest clients that will keep coming back. We believe in delivering only the highest standards of service and understand that no two customer’s tastes are the same. That is why we work closely with all of our clients, ensuring that the design making process runs as smoothly as possible.