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Argyle Coins is a private brokerage specialising in the creation of Gold & Silver coins that are embedded with Argyle Pink diamonds. With the Argyle mine due to close in 2020, our coins are a commodity that you will not want to miss out on.



Gold & Silver has become the safe haven for global investors since the breakout of Brexit – after Britons voted to leave the European Union in a referendum on June 23rd 2016. Our signature Argyle coins are created using both Gold & Silver.



Since our establishment was founded in London, we have supported the traits of quality and sophistication with which the area is synonymous, drawing on its culture and history and working to establish heights of luxury.

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Argyle Coins Reach Soaring Demand

The uncertainty of the present and even in the past year with turbulent times for the market, Trump’s election to presidency and Britain annexing from Europe has made the success of Argyle Coins even stronger. Investors appear to be seeking out tangible, secure assets to latch hold of and creative, profitable ways to diversify their portfolios which has resulted in the explosion of the business at Argyle Coins....  Read more

Argyle Coins Announce First Ever Competition Winner

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Welcome to Argyle Insights

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Argyle Coins Growing In Singapore

Singapore’s economy is expected to continue to grow throughout 2017, according to the Ministry of Trade and Industry....  Read more

Argyle Coins Announces Expansion With Office Opening in Singapore

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Argyle Coins

Argyle Coins

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It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were only just starting out in the UK, but a year has gone by already and we are pleased to announce that in the accounting period ending in 31/012017, Argyle Coins made a taxable profit of £32030.00. This is exciting news for us as not only does it prove that our business model is working, but also that there is a firm interest in the Argyle Coin here in the UK.

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